From observing others I have learned not only about myself, but especially about life and how human beings face their reality. By looking at the past we can understand the present and anticipate the future. Each of the images you will find on this site, is not only a physical image, but inside each one of them there’s a story - of happiness or sadness, of lightness or darkness. All of them captured

my attention for one reason or another, some in an aesthetic way, others in an emotional way.

This site tries to share with you what my eyes see, sharing the emotions that they provoked in me. Through the different galleries in this website, I will showcase a series in full color, basically focusing  on nature and her endless inner beauty. On the other hand I am also very interested on

photo journalism, focusing on those with less opportunities who have to face everyday life in hard circumstances.

Love and peace.

Carlos de la Rúa
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